Meet Lumix

The only ediscovery solution you'll need.

We've built a comprehensive ediscovery platform that will allow you to get your projects up-and-running in a matter of minutes.

The Five Pillars of Lumix ensure accuracy from start to finish.


Getting data in a workspace is a breeze.  Whether it's a new collection or a ready to load volume, just fill out a simple form and LOAD through the UI, our FTP or ship us a drive.  


From here, we've automated building your workspace, so you can quickly ASSESS your data by finding key documents, analyzing trends and patterns in the data and running filters.


Ready to REVIEW? Our auto-assigner will ORGANIZE documents for your team.  Lumix even implements Supervised Machine Learning when assigning documents to reviewers.


All your work product is easily stored and managed through our REVIEW pillar.  Tag, Redact and annotate while our Machine Learning enhances workflows in the background.


Our simplified production builder will allow you to create highly customized volumes in minutes.  Concerned you missed a step?  Our built-in QC will check for you.

Simplified pricing that makes ediscovery accessible

Lumix offers a simplified, monthly-subscription model that only considers the amount of storage used in all of your workspaces.  What does this mean?  We're glad you asked!  It means, if you filter the data out in our LOAD pillar before it gets loaded to your workspace, we won't bill you for it.

For Small Projects


Lumix is the only ediscovery platform that offers a free subscription for single-user accounts, complete with full functionality and up to 10 gb of storage. Making it a great match for sole proprietors or test driving Lumix.

Monthly Subscriptions

From $500

Our subscriptions begin at $500/month for up to 20gb of storage. Starting in June, all subscription tiers will include unlimited users, comprehensive analytics and access to our support team. Finally, an affordable solution to ediscovery.

All Tiers Include the Following Features


Access to All Five Pillars
A Secure FTP Account for Larger Data Transfers 


Denisting All Data
Deduplication at Job Level
Date Filters
Term Filters
Access to Reports Before Costs Incurred
Text and Metadata Extraction
OCR of All Images


Complete Analytics Package

Email Threading

Near Duplicate Analysis
Latent Semantic Analysis
Machine Learning Workflows

Tagging, Coding and Redacting Capabilities
Customized Image Creation
Auto-Batch Assigner


Customized Production Volume Builder
Redaction and Endorsements
OCR for All Redacted Documents
Download Volumes from UI or FTP


Database & Storage Management
Unique Field & Tag Creation
User/Group Set Up
Index Management
Highlight Sets Management 

And So Many More Features...

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